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What Do You FAB with 3D Tools?
The Think 3D Project which enables people to discover the fun of 3D fabbing together has begun!

Starting November 4, 2012 FabCafe will introduce 3D scanners, 3D printers, and a digital clay modeller, expanding its fabbing capabilities to the world of 3D. First, by the end of the year we will start our Think 3D Project which will enable more people to experience 3D fab tools and allow us all to come together to think about creative and fun 3D fabbing ideas.
We will start off with the three campaigns below. Starting November 4, we will implement a service each weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you try out the 3D fab experience at FabCafe.

No. 1 – 3D Fab Workshop: Join creators and try out 3D tools together

3d fab workshop

Event 1 11/4 Original Cupmen: Akira Mabuchi (signups are closed as the quota was reached)

Event 2 12/8 rhizomatiks::skills #003 workshop: Daito Manabe

Event 3 12/22 (planned) designer of the Zecoo electric motorcycle, Kota Nezu (znug design)

Renowned one-man home electronics maker Keita Yagi is also set for a workshop! We are currently in the scheduling process.

Create a lampshade with a 3D printer
Create earphone accessories in a session with the product “freeform” all to yourself

No. 2 – 3D Snap&Touch: 3D trial enabling you to experience a whole-body scanner and digital clay modeller

This is a 3D fab trial enabling you to experience modeling via a whole-body 3D scan and digital clay modeller

Trial details

You can carry out a scan with the latest whole-body 3D scanner, “bodySCAN,” and experience the work of modeling on the digital clay modeller, “freeform,” using the scan data.
This trial plan lets you enjoy the fun of 3D with ease, allowing you to pose the scan data as you wish and modify the face and style according to your preferences.
You can take home image data and 3D data from your favorite cut.

  • Time required: about one hour *Please note that as this plan is carried out with three participants, each service takes about 10 to 15 minutes for an individual.
  • Price: opening campaign special at 1000 yen (tax included)
  • Dates and time of service: Saturday only, 11:00 – 20:00 (not available on holidays)
  • Reservations: reservations can only be made in-store. Check reservation status here.
  • What you get to take home with you: image data (3D on-screen image captured with your favorite cut, JPEG format), scanned 3D data (PLY, OBJ, STL formats *data size in PLY format is approx. 20 MB). If you are interested, please bring USB memory or the like.

  • No. 3 – Think 3D: What do you make with 3D fabbing Twitter campaign

    think 3d twitter
    We want you to post lots of 3D fab ideas on Twitter. Post your ideas, with the hashtag #think3d, on what you’d like to do and what you’d like to create using 3D printers, 3D scanners, clay modellers, etc. People who have posted creative and interesting ideas can come to FabCafe and actually try to create the ideas they posted using various 3D tools.
    When you try out your idea, the staff of 3D consultants K’s DESIGN LAB will provide comprehensive support, so even those with no actual modelling experience and people who can’t use 3D applications will do just fine. We look forward to all your ideas!!

    Signup details

  • Signup period: November 4, 2012 to December 31, 2012
  • Signup method: Tweet your idea on Twitter with the hashtag #think3d added.
  • Selection: During the period, we will contact certain people who have posted excellent ideas, and they will get to actually try out 3D fabbing.
  • Special perk for those who sign up: We will give 100-yen-off tickets, at the store, to those who have tweeted on Twitter. Come to the store and show us the tweet that was posted.
  • Please see below for more about the 3D tools that you can use at FabCafe.
    In addition, you can view the equipment below on weekdays from 18:00 to 20:00 at FabCafe’s second floor 3D studio the CUBE. Feel free to contact FabCafe about it.

    Important notes

    ・FabCafe’s 3D service does not permit the use of modelling, etc. for commercial purposes.
    ・We are currently preparing separate 3D scanning and 3D modelling services. Please look forward to our announcement on the website when the services become available.


    bodySCAN 3D

    Maker: Breuckmann
    Max. measurement range: diameter 1.2 m x height 2.0 m
    Precision: ±0.15 mm (150 μ)
    Data format: STL output
    ・Can scan whole body in six seconds


    S3 Scanner

    Maker: Geomagic
    Max. measurement range:
    1. 80 x 69 x 65 mm
    2. 160 x 40 x 35 mm (proven)
    Precision: ±0.03 mm (30 μ)
    Data format: STL output
    ・Box-type 3D scanner for small items
    ・Automatically scans at high speed (3 – 10 min.)
    ・Easy to use



    Maker: Geomagic
    Data format: psd (Photoshop), ai (Illustrator), bmp, jpeg, obj, STL, IGES, Parasolid, STEP
    Modelling tool enabling you to use a pen-style interface and modify digital data just like sculpting clay



    Maker: 3D Systems
    Build size: 228 x 171 x 203 mm
    Resolution: 0.102 mm / min. vertical wall thickness: 0.64 mm
    Material: acrylic resin
    Data format: STL input
    ・Surfaces are relatively smooth
    ・Finishing it off afterwards is easy

    3D TOUCH

    Maker: 3D Systems
    Build size:
    ・1 color: 275 x 275 x 210 mm
    ・3 colors: 185 x 275 x 210 mm
    Resolution: 0.125 mm (Z) / material thickness: ±0.2 mm
    ・Base material: PLA/ABS
    ・Water-soluble translucent PLA (polylactic acid)
    Data format: STL input
    ・Unit price of material is low
    ・Precision is low, surfaces are rough
    ・Can do a 3-color build with 2 colors + support material

    Think 3D Projectについて

    FabCafe x K’s DESIGN LAB

    In the Think 3D Project, FabCafe and K’s DESIGN LAB will collaborate and join with users to consider the possibilities of 3D fabbing together. Look forward to the new 3D fabbing opportunities that will be created with the technological support of K’s DESIGN LAB with their strong track record as 3D consultants along with the creative network of FabCafe.

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